NinjaBryan February 18, 2010 Setup Guides

This guide is being updated to reflect the current setup process.  This should work for all devices.  You will need your iPhone/iTouch/iPad and will need to be near a computer.

Swipe Setup

1) Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone, scroll down to "Swipe". Select that and chose "Reset All Settings".

2) Exit "Settings", simply returning to your iPhone's home screen. Put down your iPhone for a moment.
3) On a computer go to "http://appninjas.com/account and login. Create an account if you havn't been here before.  You can use any email you want for a username here, you won't receive any email from this nor will it have any OTHER connection to your email.
4) Click on  "Gateway Settings" to the right. Select your merchant from the list and enter your gateway information in the appropriate spaces.
5) Once this is done scroll all the way down and click "save changes" at the bottom of the screen.
6) Now return to your iPhone. Open Swipe and select "login", then enter the username and password you used on step 3 above. 
7) Once entered click "login" again.
Once you do this your phone should grab all the settings and be ready to g



1) Install swipe on your device.  Open swipe.  You'll be presented with an option to either "Login to your Swipe Account" or to "Set Up a New Account".  Enter your first and last name, phone number and email into the lower spaces and click "Signup".

2) You will be sent an email with a new password, it might take a few minutes, but once you receive it use your email address and this password to login to "http://appninjas.com/account/" on your computer.

3) Once logged in click "Gateway Settings" on the right, chose your Merchant off the drop down list labled "Gateway" and then enter the gateway information provided by your Merchant.  If you don't already have it you simply need to contact them and ask for their API or Gateway login information.  They can look it up easily for you.

4) Once entered click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen.

5) On your iPhone again click on the "settings" then "gateway" button.  Next click the "Account sycn" button about halfway down the screen.

6) Enter the email and password established above.  If asked for a Setup code you can tell it you don't have one.


Once you complete these steps your phone should report that it's settings have been updated.  In Swipe's "Settings" screen you'll want to turn off "test mode" and you'll be ready to take charges.  Also note you may go back to the webpage in step 2 and using the links on the right side of the screen you may look at your history, customize your receipts, enter inventory items and change your password among other things.


Adding additional devices:

To add a second, third ,etc..... device simply install swipe and enter the email and password established above to login.  From within swipe click on "Settings" then "Gateway" and click "Account Sync" and enter the same email/password.  Finish up this process as before and you're all set.  You can do this quick procedure on as many devices as you want.

Please send us an email at support@appninjas.com and leave a comment here so we know which guides people need if this doesn't work for you. Thanks!